October 25, 2017

Flash back to a month living in the jungle in remote northern Ecuador. The Wild Life, experiencing the balance between the land and the sea through cacao and surfing. There was no boring time for the ''Jungle Boys''. One day installing a rain water recuperation system,...

June 24, 2017

At 3:30 am, the alarm pulled him out of a short night of sleep. He wanted to beat the crowd to enter the site, which he did. He actually climbed to the main entrance in no time and beat the whole line-up and ended up the first at the gate with another Canadian. It didn...

April 10, 2017

La Punta has been going off for almost a week now. The wave is pretty incredible, rolling left forever if you are man enough to catch it at her breaking point. She is a finicky one with a thousand of little tricks that she can pull out of her hat at any time. Usually w...

March 18, 2017

Lepirate woke up one morning and decide to leave the heavy barrels of the remote Panamanian west coast to roll into Panama City. Only a few hundreds of kilometers, nothing compare to what he already drove and what is coming on the rest of his journey. Facing El Puente...

January 11, 2017

Waking up that morning, he felt strange. Like he had the intuition that something will happen. He had that sensation before. Something was telling him that he should take it easy and slowly make his way to his next destination. He had in mind to stop in a few places on...

January 11, 2017

On the radar, an incoming long period, south, southwest swell will hit the rocky points of El Salvador for few days. Very little daylight time was left on the clock. He really wanted to make it to the coast to hit it first thing in the morning. Somethings worth pushing...

October 29, 2016

In Baja Sur, Lepirate met a new friend named Normand. Within an hour after they had a chat around a cup of coffee, he offered to help out for current Norm’s...

August 6, 2016

Oregon made of miles and miles of exposed coast. It get his infinite beauty from his pine forest, the shoreline made of monolith rock surrounded by driftwood, his countless little coves and roads travelling into wild country.

Unless you are born multi-millionaire, one should find a way to make some ‘’DINEROS’’. There are so many options to do so. It is to each one of us to find the...

Summer swells are not exciting as the winter one. That is when adventure time take place. Lepirate followed a funky bunch of friends into a trail

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For years he dreamed of adventures, wilderness and remote surf spots. He just couldn't see himself following the so overcrowded path that he was pushed into. During spring of 2015, he decided instead to follow is own path, an unbeaten one. He is not sure where that will bring him but he is convince that it's the right thing to do. With few belongings, a motorcycle and a surfboard, he left on is journey. Here are some of is tales. 

''Stop wishing and start doing, stop talking and start acting, stop pretending and start being.''

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