During a warm Canadian west coast night, after a few growlers of beer, Lepirate and his German friend, Danny Smile, started having a discussion about future projects and adventures. Then they started to imagine a journey, a great journey. The kind of epic adventure that one can only dream of. As the beer kept flowing, they plan the whole thing out, how they gonna transport them self, where they will be heading, what kind of crazy experiences they will have down the road… As usual, the night ended up when one was too drunk to stand and the other started to just speak German. The deep sleep washes away their project and all their plans but… Like a seed, the idea of a great adventure implanted itself deeply into Lepirate’s mind. Like a man on a mission, all is efforts went into becoming a free man and be able to go on that great adventure.


Motivated, he left the West coast to go back to Montréal and get rid of what left of school to finally get a diploma. Big project, need big financing, so Lepirate started to work different jobs to put some money aside. On the meantime, he had to start planning is next adventure. He wanted something different, not just a 3 months round-trip backpacking. He wanted to go the long run, for an undetermined period of time. The facts of not having a time lapse bring a whole new level to traveling. That will open him the opportunity of staying a little longer to some places and work if needed/wanted. Among the years he was driven by is a deep passion for surfing. So, without a doubt, where ever he’ll go, he will carry a surfboard with him. The question of transportation, he first thought of using an old Suzuki Samurai and modify it into a camper. It was a great idea, but a little bit unrealistic. The cost of fixing, modifying and traveling in such a truck would’ve been way too much for a single traveler. He remembers himself how easy and cheap it was to get around in Indonesia with some scooters with surf racks on the side. After countless hours of research and thinking, he finally decided that the motorcycle will be the nicest option.


The Beast, that’s her name, a KLR 650 2002, she will be her traveling buddy. She needed quite a bit of love and modifications to make her ready for the great adventure but at the beginning of April 2015, she was finally good to go.


So it’s on the 10th of April 2015 that the Beast and Lepirate took off for their great adventure into the unknown. With a heavy heart of leaving friends and family behind one more time, LePirate took the Trans-Canadian highway in direction of the west coast of Canada to Tofino where it all started in 2012. This is his story, his travels, his adventures and his life down the road…

 it started around few beers... 

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