The beast 

Her name: The Beast
Bought from an old French dude so proud of how much he was taking care of his was all bullshit apparently...
Ammo boxes
Cheap, strong, color match, waterproof, the ammo boxes are the best option.
Now travel proof
Locking system, anchor for side bags, Jerry can holder and water tank holder.
Adventure #1
Brothers and bikes
The Beast and The Zebra
A whole summer of daily driving to 3 different jobs, adventure to Mount Washington and weekend rides. She still have no idea what is awaiting her.
Yes, it's a surf rack
New custom wider top rack, removable custom surf rack.
Time for deeper maintenance
Carburetor clean up and rebuilt
A good clean, new gaskets, upgrade kit of jet and needle.
In the heart of The Beast
Just after her purchase, she went to the dealer to change the leaking fork seal, fork bushing and check the valve clearance. At 60$/hour the mechanic don't bother making a good job on sealing the valve cover properly. Lesson learned, DIY!
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 Heading west 

Sunset toward Matawa
Cracked pavement
A dude into the badlands
The sun before the storm
The storm after the sun
Every good story start by a bad idea 2
It's still winter in the mountains
The day the speedo stop rolling
Drop beat not bombs
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Circular sunset at Mckenzie beach
Free bird
Quentin, a living legend
Trailer park life
Woofing in the Clayoquot Sound
Port hole for the summer
A cabin on a ship as summer accomodation
The Canadian Princess herself
Best summer job ever, maintenance, bartender, server and cook, all of this on a retired survey ship.
Jordan between the land and the sea
Warm blanket
Getting ready fot a night on the beach
Beach bumming
Fire side sleeping
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 Vancouver island 

Last Canadian adventure
Juan de Fuca Provincial Park
State bound
Morning coffee
Enjoying the beauty of the Oregon coast.
Morning coffee
Oregon Coastline
Rough seas
Oregon, just absolutely stunning!
Sand storm
Climbing the dunes, sand was flying, he had some everywhere by the time he reached the top. Oregon have so much to offer!
Classic breakfast
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West coast

Welcome to colourful Mexico
First night spent in an deserted campground...
Leaving the pavement behind
On the trace of the Baja Rally

Read more in the link bellow>
Going down
You have to fall to be able to rise...

Read the story here>
Red baja dust
Once it hit you, it's impossible to shake it off...
Catching her breath
It was a rough introduction to the Baja Rally 500. A little break was required.
A spear fishing passion
He met an old timer spear fisher. Retired deep in the Baja, he was selling his old guns and showed Lepirate his old pictures.
Time stopped here
Stopping in Punta Cabras, a little coastal village inhabited by long time expats. He realize here why people fall in love with the Baja. It's a special place locked in a time capsule and where there is no ''laws''.
Old man Bates
Baja legend, he lived in Punta Cabra since the seventies, driving a baja bug, mixing kick ass margaritas, shooting pool, restoring old car and enjoying life at is fuller expression. The age doesn't matter when your heart is young!
Welcome to baja
Empty surf break, rough roads, cactus, desert and endless beauty!
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Baja, where the adventure begins

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