The dream will soon come true

Today, a month or so from his expected departure date. Only a month, it seems unreal. When he came back in Montreal in 2012, he had quite a bunch of things that needed to be taken care of before he could even think about planning his next adventure. The day has finally come. It’s quite a nice feeling to see the results of 3 years of perseverance.

Enjoying the last glimpse of the winter before taking the road

Let say it wasn't always easy for him to keep on pushing through the days seeing his dream still so far from reality. He had to put aside his passion for snowboarding and surfing to focus on his degree in mechanical engineering. Had for that to live in Montreal with all the bright and the dark sides of it. Cannot say that he didn't have fun living with his brother and good friends. They had some sick party's over his last year and half of his studying chapter. He was making sure to keep is sanity to use every time off he had to play music, work on personal projects, go on a weekend trip, mountain biking, hiking or skateboarding. But still, he was so far from the waves and the good snow that Western Canada can provide. He kept on asking himself: ‘’Why I'm stuck on a school bench when I could be out there surfing on the West coast?’’ Well, he challenges himself. It's with pride that he completed his bachelor degree opening the way for his next adventure.

Great adventure comes with great funding... He had to find a job and clear his school loan that he has been carrying for too long. He also needs to make some dineros for the journey awaiting. He searched for an engineering job for some 3-4 months applying for pretty much anything. But couldn't find any. Quite a depressing scenario regarding the fact that he thought a degree will open him some doors… It was probably just a bad timing with that whole engineering crisis in Quebec, corruption and shit. Well, at least he was able to snowboard every day at the local resort in between the job seeking session. That was probably the only thing that kept his moral on the upside. Until a day in Jay Peak Vermont, a patch of ice had him spin off while carving. He ended up with a pop out collar bone. It was a sign that he had too much on his shoulders. From that date, he took it a little bit more easy, keep on looking for job opportunities but opening his horizon. He was now looking for ‘’Whatever I can get’’ kind of job, no regard the domain or the wage. Ended up finally working at BRP on the assembly line. It's sound like a shit job, it was actually a shit job, but at least a job. That was a short-term contract, so he had to keep on looking for a more long-term employment. He finally found a job working on the restoration of an old Manor in Waterloo. The work was quite hard, physical and dirty, but the opening is soon and he’s pretty proud of what he had accomplished there. The owners Valerie and Martin gave him the chance to work with them in their dream. They are a real symbol of perseverance and passion. Many would have probably just tear down that old abandon manor. But they saw in it something that no one else has seen and they brought it back to life. Manoir Maplewood, the former house of senator Foster, will have a second life as a high-end hotel.

The interior of the Manor Maplewood before opening

Between work at Maplewood, he completed his working schedule with a drawer position for a furniture company in Knowlton. He knew how the drawing software works but had not a single clue how furniture is built. It was a bit of learning but he figured it out pretty fast. Also, he had an opportunity to replace his friend as a barman at the local pub while she was abroad volunteering. So he worked 1-2 nights a week at Bière Ö Loo, the mornings at Camlen and the afternoons at Maplewood. He didn’t see the time passing, he was so busy and so tired at the end of each day. Even with low wage jobs, his school loan disappear in no time. When there’s a will there’s a way…

Between all of this, he also had to find the time to build his traveling buddy. A KLR 650 2002 it is. A lot of love she needed. Didn't know much about motorcycle when he bought it. The bike had a few more things to fix than he was expected. In a certain way, he bought himself a basic motorcycle class. Also follow a self-teaching class of welding to built the surf rack and few adds on. There is still few modifications that he’d like to do before leaving, but overall The Beast is ready.

One month and he'll start his journey where he left it in 2012, Tofino BC it is. With a mixed feeling of excitation, euphoria of the unknown, sadness of leaving family and friends behind, a little bit of stress about the whole motorcycle thing, but with the true feeling that the road he’ll follow his the right one. A journey fill with waves, smiles, new friends and countless adventures is waiting.

The Beast ready for the adventure