Life choices

Unless you are born multi-millionaire, one should find a way to make some ‘’DINEROS’’. There are so many options to do so. It is to each one of us to find the right shoe for his foot. The criteria for the perfect job are different for everyone. Some shoot for the career that will offer them a big paycheck to afford the big car and the big house. Some others will prefer to shoot for the job that will offer them a lifestyle and allow them to actually live. He is pretty happy with his choice overall. But, it's not always sunshine and smooth sailing. Like for everyone, some days are harder than others. In that situation, he normally challenges his life choices. ‘’What the hell am doing? Am I just wasting my time? Why I'm doing that to myself? Should I just go back to a NORMAL life?’’ The human mind can get lost during a storm. When he's about to go overboard and losing his ship... there is normally a little something that will remember him why he made those choices. A bonfire on the beach with good friends, a wicked morning surf session or a priceless sunset, it's all it take to wash away all his doubts. ‘’I LOVE MY LIFE!’’ Overall he’s no envying no one’s life because he’s living the good one, the one he chose!

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