The ''Nets''

Summer swells are not exciting as the winter one. That is when adventure time take place. Lepirate followed a funky bunch of friends into a trail. Apparently there is a cool place to hang out at the end of that rough path. Not knowing how deep and how long they gonna stay, they made sure to have some basic supply…beer! The Tofino Brewery was on the way, great opportunity to fill up some growlers. In the canopy of the trees, nets and hammock were set. Like kids, they climbed, jumped, played and chilled in the trees for few hours. When they decided to leave, on the way out they’ve met one of the guys whom set-up all this few years ago. Some weeks later someone told them that the ‘’Nets’’ have been torn down because someone felt off. It sucks that everybody have to be penalize because one dumbass messed up. A little bit like why there is so many damn rules in our society…

Torino Brewery famous growler

Chilling in the ''Nets''

King of the hill

Growler carrying device

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